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Calendar of Clinics At Coyote Mountain Ranch in 2018

May 24 at 5pm -27 5 pm - $600
Horsemanship/Riding Outside
June 8 at 5pm - 10 5pm - $400
Horsemanship/Cattle Working Clinic
June 15 at 5pm - 17 5 pm - $400
Horsemanship/Riding Outside

A $200 deposit will hold your spot.   Click here for particulars on clinics held here at our ranch.

Clinic (Deposit or Final) Payment Per Person
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Clinics Away

Moses Lake, WA March 24-25, May 19-20, September 22-23
There will be a Friday night discussion and rider exercises.
For details click here.  Payment taken by clinic host.
Sandpoint, ID June 2-3, Western Pleasure Ranch
There will be a Friday night discussion and rider exercises.
For details click here.  Payment taken by clinic host.
Boise, ID April 7-8
Philosophy, demonstrations and rider exercises Friday evening
Horsemanship 8am-5pm the 15-16th - $350
For details click here.
Boise ID Clinic


We offer private and group lessons March-November.
March through May we offer lessons in Benton City, WA at the Benton County Junior Fair and Rodeo Association Grounds.
March through May we offer lessons in Dayton, WA at Columbia County Fairgrounds.
May through October we offer lessons here at our ranch in Dayton.
Full prepayment is required for all private and group lessons. 
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Clinic Descriptions


We strive for our horses to become willing partners.  The horse is so willing and always tries to please us.  If he understands what we want, he will offer it.  We can not say it much better than improving our timing, feel and balance. Communication improves first with an increase in awareness.

Ranch Cattle Work

Learning to become an asset on a working cattle ranch while creating a better relationship with your horse. You will work as a team with your horse and others as you perform the various activities to care for the cattle.  This includes but is not limited to, gathering, sorting, tracking, and reading cattle.

Intro to Ranch Roping

This is for those that would like to learn the basics of traditional ranch cattle roping.  The topics covered are getting your horse ready for ropes, handling your rope, the horsemanship necessary to rope cattle, knot roping in a round pen, break away roping, all while teaching you to be safe, and ultimately getting you prepared to participate in a ranch roping class.  This class has the potential to be built upon in an advancing series.

Riding Outside

This class is designed for those who want to use their horsemanship to build a more confident horse out on the trail, in the open, in the woods and over natural obstacles.  Riding outside always brings challenges.  We will work with you to develop your leadership skills that will build your confidence as well.  There is so much your horse is offering you and this class will help you feel and respond in such a way as to develop lightness and trust.


This class is designed for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills while working with the horse in hand.  It is a fantastic class for those wanting to develop a better trust with their horse when dealing with things like obstacles and even trailer loading.



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